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Ragu on Toast

Revolution Ragu Toast

This is the easiest way and probably our favourite way to serve Revolution Ragù.

What you need is:
- Some good bread for toasting
- 1 Jar of Revolution Ragù
- Your favourite cheese (Parmesan or straight up cheddar for us!)

Cut a good thick slice of bread and pop it in the toaster.
Turn the oven on or if you have a grill setting give this a go.
Once toasted, take 1 large spoon of Revolution Ragù and spread it on your toast.
Place it on an oven tray with some parchment paper or tin foil.
Grate over your cheese quite liberally.
Pop it under the grill or in the oven for a couple of minutes until the cheese is nicely melted.
If you’re feeling fancy maybe throw on a few herbs or a drizzle of pesto.
Your Revolution on Toast is ready to go so enjoy and keep spreading the Revolution!

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