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What are the delivery charges for an order?

Delivery Charges are free within Dublin. Nationwide shipping is calculated at checkout and usually comes to €5.

When will my order be delivered?

We ship once a week on Thursdays. So if you order before Wednesday 12pm you will receive your package on Thursday. Otherwise we’ll get it dispatched to you the following Thursday.

Where can I buy your Revolution sauces?

You can buy it online here. Or we have a load of great stockists around Ireland that are listed here.

How do you grow mushrooms from coffee grounds?

When you make a cup of coffee, the actual coffee grounds still retain a lot of their nutrition. Oyster mushrooms love to grow on nearly anything really and in the right quantities do a great job at transforming these leftover nutrients into fresh oyster mushrooms. We’ll have more information on the whole process of growing mushrooms here.

Do you need more coffee grounds?

We don’t need any more coffee grounds at the moment. We have a limit on the amount we can take and we currently get all the coffee grounds we need from our partner cafés.

What type of mushrooms do you grow?

We currently grow Grey Oyster Mushrooms at our farm in Dublin. We are experimenting with other types which we hope to introduce in the future.

Do the mushrooms taste like coffee?

No, they don’t. The mushrooms use only the nutrition from the coffee grounds and they don’t affect their taste.

Where is your farm?

Our container farm is located onsite in UCD beside the O’Brien Science Centre.

What is your link with UCD?

We have partnered with the UCD Innovation Academy to locate and run our farm on campus at UCD. Working with students and staff at UCD we want to develop and grow the business while sharing our insights and knowledge.

Where do you make your Revolution Ragù & Chilli?

We do the cooking in a large kitchen out in Wicklow.

What makes Revolution Ragù & Chilli so delicious?

All down to the secret ingredients - love, time and care! It takes time and care to cook each ingredient to that perfect point where you get the maximum flavour out of each ingredient. It’s the way Paddy our chef likes to cook and was trained to cook and we think it gives our Revolution Ragù & Chilli a flavour that you can’t find in many mass produced foods.

What's the nutritional information of Revolution Ragù and Chilli?

You can find all the nutritional information here

What are the ingredients of Revolution Ragù?

We have 5 main ingredients - oyster mushrooms, onions, carrots, celery and tomatoes. Then we have some seasonings - red wine, balsamic vinegar, salt, yeast extract and some herbs and spices too. Simple as that - less is more.

What are the ingredients of Revolution Chilli?

We have 5 main ingredients in the our Chilli too - oyster mushrooms, red peppers, onions, tomato and red kidney beans. We then cook and season them up with olive oil, garlic, salt, yeast extract, smoked paprika, cayenne, cumin, cinnamon, chipotle chilli peppers.

Is Revolution Ragù vegan and gluten free?

Yes to both, it has zero animal products or gluten in it.

Are Revolution Ragù & Chilli halal?

Revolution Ragù is not halal as it contains red wine. Revolution Chilli is halal as it does not contain any alcohol.

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